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Paul Blanchard

Paul works as a motivational and behavioural safety speaker. Having been in a major accident falling from height several years ago while fixing a roof at a farm, Paul speaks on the emotional perspective of why Health and Safety is not just about ticking boxes.

The empowerment of staff to feel the responsibility for both their own safety and that of their co-workers does not come from a Health and Safety lecture. With Paul’s story to the same group, he brings a real purpose to the subject. Rather than just going through the motions of H&S conformity, the audience is reached through empathy with someone who has felt the full effect of an industrial accident.

Paul's story is really about the realisation that his life had changed, and having the determination to adapt to the new direction in life and trying to inspire others.

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Three Reasons To Book Paul

  1. It works: Getting first hand understanding of the affects of not working safely is very different from being told the Health and Safety rules in a meeting. The attendees feel the impact of the consequences of getting it wrong in a way that cannot be felt with just briefing notes and lectures

  2. Experience: Paul has been delivering his talks on behavoural safetly since 2013 and has worked for some of the largest construction, energy and industrial companies in the UK. Always ready to travel and always ready to deliver his motivational talk, companies benefit from a professional and yet deeply personal presentation.

  3. Collaboration: Paul works in a collaborative way with employers, managers, employees and other experts in Behavioural Safety. All stakeholders in safety at work will be engaged, not only in the pre-talk planning, but the process and its affects. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

It is not just about Paul

A life changing accident affects so many more people; families, loved one and friends are all affected. Things that used to be straight forward for a wife, husband or partner, now may not be possible, or take twice the time it used to. Emotionally, seeing a loved one unable to live the way they used to can be devastating. Paul helps his audience to understand the impact his accident had on his family; not least financially.

Acceptance has been a major factor in Paul’s ability to live his life with fulfilment. When you hear Paul, you will listen to a man who is passionate about helping people to not have the life changing momentary lapse of life concentration that he had. However, you will also see a man who has come to terms with his situation, and with his family’s help and support, lives his life to the full.

In 2016, Paul was made an ambassador for Rospa

Who we have worked for...

  • Willmott Dixons
  • Bachy Soletanche
  • AK Products
  • Skanska infrastructure
  • Mitie
  • Lagan Construction
  • Hastam
  • Briggs Marine
  • Dramanon
  • Sir Robert McAlpine
  • Glugstons
  • Suttons Group
  • EDF Energy