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Paul, broke his back, 18 ribs and suffered severe head injuries and a punctured lung. He was in an induced coma for three months and in hospital for six months. He now needs a wheelchair after being left paralysed from the chest down (T6).

His story of his life before the accident, the day of the accident, the time spent in hospital and learning about the injuries and new way of life. His struggle with life since his accident is an honest and sometimes graphic account of the devastation the accident has had on Paul, his family (wife Jenny and 2 grown-up children and grandchild), friends and workmates.

Always open about his experience of a work related major accident. This is reflected in a story that is very raw; the emotion in which he delivers his talk is as strong as if it was the day of the accident.

His story has a powerful impact and grabs the attention of those listening, from Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Operatives alike. He is willing to talk openly about all of his experiences, the physical and physiological effects of a major accident

  • His Personnel Life
  • The Effect on his Family and Friends
  • The Cost of an Incident, Financial & Emotional
  • His Struggle Mentally and Physically
  • His Commitment to inspire a Difference

Ultimately it is an uplifting story which is a great way to inspire people at a motivational training day or just simply to leave an impression on a group of people gathered together for dinner or a function. Paul’s story can be presented to teenagers, whether in school, college or young offender's institute, his experiences can inspire them.
If you have an audience that you would like Paul to address with a specific theme to the meeting, contact Paul before hand and he will tailor his talk around your requirements. Whilst concentrating on his own story, relating the inspiring elements to your team’s circumstances will give the whole process meaning and impact.
The main element about Paul's story is overcoming hurdles which seem impossible and how even if the journey is difficult, it can ultimately be fulfilling. Would your audience like to stretch their horizons? Paul can help fulfil this.
His audience walk away from his talk engaged with the process of health and safety because they have witnessed firsthand the effect of getting it wrong.
Paul works with many companies who have seen the benefit of not just telling staff and contractors what to do, but showing them what the personal effect could be by ignoring Health and Safety guidelines.

Paul is the reason why Health and Safety in the work place is important. All workers receive their company’s standard compulsory briefing of what to do, what not to do, what to wear, what not to wear, where to go and where not to go. This induction often doesn't achieve the reason why it is so, important to heed these rules.

In 2014 Paul was awarded the IOSH Managing Safety certificate.

In 2015 Paul was given the highest individual award for those that have gone "above and beyond" to improve the safety of others from ROSPA. He was given the Archangel Award for his continual commitment to motivating others to improve safety at work.